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These days it seems just about everyone is turning to online DVD rentals to rent movies over the Internet. There are many reasons. There are no due dates, no late fees, and no waiting in line at the store. It is easy, since you just maintain a list of the titles you want to see and you get an item from your queue each time you send back one of your DVDs. Is is also very cost effective, since most plans allow unlimited DVD rentals; you are only limited on how many DVDs you can have out at a time. Plus there are no postal costs, since these services generally provide free shipping both ways.

This is part 2 in our list, so read about the DVD Rental services in part 1 to see the leading companies in this field.

Online DVD Rentals - DVD Movie Rental Services

DVD Avenue
DVD Avenue is another service where you can rent DVD movies online. They are not nearly as large as NetFlix, Wal Mart, or Blockbuster Video, but they have their own unique benefits for certain customers. Namely, in addition to standard DVDs, they rent adult DVDs and video games (for Playstation, Playstation 2 and Xbox.) If you are interested in any of this, DVDAvenue makes a good choice for DVDrentals, since Net Flix and Blockbuster only rent standard DVDs.

DVD Avenue offers unlimited DVD rentals for $19.95 for 3 DVDs out at a time. Other plans are available where you can have fewer or more titles out for a time at different prices. There are no time limits or late fees to worry about. Try out DVDAvenue for movies, adult DVDs and video games today.

DVD Avenue

Sugar DVD
Sugar DVD is a service that offers unlimited adult DVD rentals. It is essentially like Netflix, except with porno, x-rated "adult" films instead of standard Hollywood flicks. There are thousands of adult movies to choose from, and they include user ratings and reviews to help you choose the best titles. There are no due dates, no late fees and shipping is free. Shipments are sent in discreet, plain colored envelopes with no distinctive markings.

The standard plan is just $16.95 per month and it allows 2 titles out at a time. Other plans are available for as low as $9.95 per month and up allowing up to 8 movies out at a time. You can buy movies at SugarDVD too, if there are title you want to keep. Join today and take advantage of SugarDVD.com's free trial offer!

Sugar DVD

Wanted List
Wanted List delivers unlimited online adult dvd rentals. They have over 15,000 titles in stock, including adult movies from the best studios and top stars in the industry. You can rent all you want with no due dates or late fees to worry about. Plans start at $17.95 per month for 2 DVDs out at a time, and ramp all the way up to the Porn Star plan with 8 DVDs out at a time.

They assure fast and discreet shipping using multiple shipping centers, and you get free shipping both ways. Plus you can buy adult movies, whether it is just the occasional flick you want to keep forever, or if you always just prefer buying to renting. Take advantage of the Wanted List Free Trial today.

Wanted List Rentals

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